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South Central Park at the New Albany Community Center

The Community Center playground came out of pure chance. Main Street staff
went to the Community Center to meet with a group of seniors that were using the space to meet for weekly activities. The staff immediately saw a need for updates to the building. After speaking with city officials and the building inspector, work began on making the space ADA compliant and updating the interior gathering area; taking down walls, painting, updating ramp access, designating handicap parking, and installing new floors.

With a fabulous facelift on the building, it was obvious that the playground needed some serious attention. Main Street applied for and was awarded a grant through Toyota Mississippi. The grant gave Main Street the opportunity to refurbish some very cool vintage pieces, add swings, and a musical instrument station. Several people quickly hopped on board to make the updated playground a reality for the community. The city's inspectors helped to plan and prep the area for large scale instruments, new equipment, and seating. Contractors sandblasted, shored up, and painted pieces original to the space that brought back several memories to community members. Parks and Rec city officials, volunteers, and Main Street staff helped install equipment, safety surfacing, garbage cans, picnic tables, two new brick patios, and fresh landscape.

Historic Northside Alabama Street Park

Alabama Street Park, located just around the corner from the Main Street office, seemed like the next logic choice for Main Street's Community Parks Initiative. The park, like South Central, had not been given much attention for almost twenty years. Main Street staff went to work writing a grant with KABOOM! and was awarded a nice amount, that when paired with money for the city would allow for a new piece of much needed equipment to be added to the green space, refurbish an old swing set and add color to the landscape.

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