Thursday, Friday, Saturday, September 24,25, & 26, 2020

THURSDAY, September 24th

FRIDAY, September 25th


New Albany Friends & Family Play All Day 5-10pm
Presented by Take It To The Grove Tailgating & Event Rental

SATURDAY, September 26th

Run Y'all.png
2019 River Run, 8am
Presented by BNA Bank
CASE Knife Show, 9am
Presented by North Mississippi Knife Collectors & New Albany Main Street
Presented by New Albany Main Street
Pet Costume Contest
& Parade, 11am
Presented by Union County
Humane Society
HOOPFEST, 11am-3pm
Presented by YOUR BUSINESS
New Albany Friends & Family Play All Day 11am-10pm
Presented by Take It To The Grove Tailgating & Event Rental


6:00pm TBA

7:20 TBA

8:30 Headliner ... STEVE AZAR

Music & Culture Ambassador of Mississippi, Steve Azar, is a modern day renaissance man, hit songwriter, recording artist, music producer, talk show host, golfer and philanthropist. Steve likes to call his own breed of music “Delta . A product of the Mississippi Delta region, Azar has released 6 critically acclaimed studio albums to date. His latest album, Steve Azar & The

Kings Men's Down At The Liquor Store includes band mates of B.B. King, Elvis Presley and other musical Kings. The feature documentary, Something In The Water, chronicles the making of the record in legendary Club Ebony in Indianola, Mississippi. The film was released on Stingray/Qello and GoUSA Channel and is available on Youtube. 

Steve currently hosts his own SuperTalkMS radio show and podcast called “In a Mississippi Minute with Steve Azar” and is in the studio working on two record projects to be released summer and fall of 2020. 

2018 Tallahatchie Riverfest...