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Tallahatchie Riverfest Marketplace Vendor

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If you have been selected for the 2023 Tallahatchie Riverfest Marketplace, this is the item you want to select! We are excited to have you and look forward to seeing you.

Once you purchase your booth, the Marketplace manager will email or call you for details about your items.

The festival provides only the ground space for exhibits. Each vendor must provide their own tent, vending booths, tables, chairs, extension cords, etc and prepare his/her own displays. Tents should be weighted for protection in case of windy weather. Ground stakes MAY NOT be used. Tents can be any color and should be clean and in good condition. Vendors must exhibit professionalism while unloading/loading, set up, and festival hours. After unloading, vehicles must be moved to designated parking. Vehicles WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to remain around the exhibition space during the festival, nor may they enter the area until approved by the Festival Committee (3pm is the planned festival break down time). Exhibitors must participate for the entire length of the festival hours (9am-3pm). The Festival is a rain or shine event. No refunds will be given for cancellation due to inclement weather or for artist no-shows. Food vendors are the only vendors who may have any kind of food and soft drinks at their booth unless otherwise allowed with permission from the Tallahatchie Riverfest Committee. Vendors may not sell alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or obscene items of any sort. Once your Marketplace space is paid for, our Marketplace manager will contact you.

Mississippi Tax Commission requires the collection of 7% sales tax on all items sold. Marketplace volunteers will bring you a tax form and envelope at the beginning of the event. Sales tax will be collected by volunteers at the 2:30 PM on the day of the festival. Payment should be made by check payable to NAMSA (New Albany Main Street Association).

Feel free to call Billye Jean the Main Street office if you have questions 662-534-3438.

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